We  have been interested in telling  the stories of/in/around the arts since staging our first exhibition in Sydney in 2006.  

Between 2008–2014 we published 33 issues of  Das Superpaper, a printed magazine on contemporary art distributed throughout Australia.  In 2010, Das Superpaper became a part of the larger  Das Platforms – through which we started publishing suites of online articles and compiling an archive of video interviews with artists and exhibition organisers.

In 2015, from a new home in Denmark, we launched  Oberon our latest publication – a new periodical on art in the world. In 2017, as an extension of Oberon we opened Peryton, a wine bar and exhibition space in central Copenhagen.

As a freelance production house we provide media solutions in the arts to fund our ongoing projects and initiatives. We have developed print, video and online solutions with clients including: state galleries, major performing arts companies, non-profit art organisations, universities, commercial galleries, individual artists and private companies. Rococo Productions is directed by Nick Garner.