The original Das Platforms and Das Superpaper websites are in the process of being archived.


Das Platforms is(was?) a contemporary art media project founded in Sydney in 2008. In addition to print publishing, we present(ed) a program of online video interviews, articles and reviews. In 2015, we embarked on the next chapter – Oberon, a new periodical on art in the world.


Between 2008 and 2014, 33 issues of Das Superpaper were published. Das Superpaper was printed in Sydney and distributed around Australia at major public institutions, private museums, commercial galleries, libraries, universities and cultural boutiques. Distribution was supplemented by a free national mail-subscription program.

In mid-2010 the printed magazine found itself in the company of a new online video platform, ‘Das Cinema’, and an online short-format critical writing platform ‘Das 500’. Over the following months they would amalgamate to become Das Platforms. Das Platforms was one of the first arts media organisations in Australia to comprehensively incorporate video production, and now has an archive of over 160 videos profiling artists, curators and galleries from all aspects of the art ecology.

Videos that were originally published on Das Platforms can be found on our YouTube channel.

Below is a selection of issues from Das Superpaper, published in Sydney, 2008–2014.